Tuesday, October 28, 2008

painstakingly beautiful

relevant magazine reviewed denison witmer's new cd, carry the weight in their new issue that came in the mail this week.

here's their review:

"with is meandering and myopic style, denison witmer is folksier, less orchestrated than sujan stevens - a one-time touring partner who played on his last release in 2005. a more bouyant witmer offers up confessional songs like "chesapeake watershed" - which references home life and insomnia - and the title track, where he admits he's "not ashamed to say i don't know anymore." "song of songs" breaks into full-on simon and garfunkel mode and gets a little humdrum, but this philadelphia songwriter can't help adding subtle grunge undertones (see "if you are the writer") that loosen and liven up his acoustic pattern-matching style.

on some songs, there's a painstakingly beautiful femaile vocal part - thanks to michigan singer/songwriter rosie thomas - that accomplishes the same goal as the grungy bits, but you never really get the impression that witmer wants to wake you from a nap. hed rather just keep you right on the edge of dreaming and being fully alive."

snag denison's new cd next wednesday at newsong underground (859 s 800 e) or in stores the following wednesday on the militia group.

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