Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look to the right, to the right!

If you read the ship regularly, or if you are just very observant, you know that we like to list the best shows that Salt Lake has to offer. If you're crazy observant you'll notice that we put some little itty bitty stars next to some of those shows.

Why? you ask.

Well my best friends all across the world and even my best friends in the whole universe (sorry too much McCain these days) it's because tickets to those shows are being offered for an extra special price at slowtrain. Ladies and Gentleman, get ready for a 2-for-1 ticket price. That's right. Your dreams just came true.

But you have to act now. This extra special offer is only good until Nov. 1st. So pick a show you like, and go get a crazy good deal on it.

Personally I think I am going to choose Crooked Fingers and Sole and the Skyrider band, but that's just me.

Disclaimer: If this post is interpreted as pro-McCain in any way it is purely coincidental and unintentional, and the sarcasm is not coming across in text... really.

I like boiled peanuts,

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