Friday, October 31, 2008

Leona Naess Monster

Leona Naess is a singer songwriter from London who is now living in New York and making a living by writing really great music. I was able to see her a few days ago when she opened for Ray Lamontagne.

She is either a bit nuts, or she was a bit drunk... or maybe she's just eccentric. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised when she began singing, and although her songs can follow a certain pattern at times, I think she is definitely blog worthy. From the stage she is a bit awkward, and at times you feel a bit uncomfortable, but then she starts singing again and all is well. Personally I think one of her band members is actually Matt Sharp pretending to be a bad drummer, but I could be wrong. She just released an album this summer, out on Verve Forecast Records, check it out (how can you not with the incredible review I just gave?). Truly, the music is good.

I also hear she was engaged to Ryan Adams, so that might explain the complete insanity ;)

This one I do not have a crush on,

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Hope said...

funny that she totally ripped off this fionn regan video:

funny how much better (or is it just faster?) her guitar playing is without matt sharp.

maybe i haven't been able to forgive her for her live performance...