Friday, September 19, 2008

november should be fun

just confirmed:

denison witmer, seafinch - wednesday, november 5th
ivoryline, in:aviate and tba - saturday, november 8th

tickets will be on sale at and we'll also have them available too if you want to swing by during a show.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

making lemonade

sam sorenson's life in music looks like the map montage from all the indiana jone's movies: you know the one with the glowing red line that slowly works its' way around before finally arriving at the destination. sam' been a constant in the local music scene for the better part of a decade, spending time with several bands, side projects and solo efforts.

with each band (moshmallows, larusso, ask for the future) sam's effort levels can't be criticized. i've personally seen the love and care he puts into everything he creates and his newest project, ask for the future is no exception. to read a glowing review, pick up this month's slug and read it. personally i just appreciate that sam's not going away. he's writing songs more suited to his style and taste than he ever has and it works. he's happy in his songs, he's upbeat about where things are going and when those two things are in place, it results in a better experience for everyone.

proof of his work ethic is aftf's new ep, another love. sam took all the frustration of his abrupt departure with larusso and funneled into new songs, a new approach and a solid ep. be warned though: it's catchy and you will find yourself wanting to hear it again and humming it during the day. so don't go listen to it unless you have $6 and an itunes account. catch sam and ask for the future on friday at the cafe with mesa drive, blackhounds and they heyday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

it's just getting better

well all of here are really excited for monday. it's our first show after a summer off, the cafe will be all picked up after our break-in and one of our fav bands, colour revolt is helping us kick off the year.

but it's getting better. daytrotter just posted colour revolt's daytrotter session from earlier this year. and in wonderful daytrotter tradition, you can download alternate versions of "naked and red," "a siren," "moses of the south," and a cover of "these few presidents" by why?. these are great for any colour revolt fan, but if you're new to them, i would still suggest listening to the original versions first so you get an idea of how creative and unique the alternate versions are.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

thursday - shows update

a few things for you to keep you updated...

- nothing's changed on the looming lease of the cafe. this means we'll just keep booking more shows!

- we added one show and dropped another: this providence and everybody else will play the cafe on wednesday, september 17th and the catherine show on friday, september 26th has been cancelled. the tour decided that they didn't want to tour outside of california so they dropped their salt lake city date.

- some other shows we'll get up soon: brightwood on tuesday, october 21st and sleeping at last on friday, october 24th. we're TRYING to line something up with denison witmer, keep your fingers crossed!

and we've said it a lot lately, but seriously: colour revolt will be the best band we'll EVER get into the cafe. come check them out on monday!