Thursday, October 16, 2008

Land of Talk

If you made it out to the Broken Social Scene show at the Gallivan Plaza this summer chances are you had a pretty good time. There was also a very good chance that you watched the singer for Land of Talk without even knowing it. Land of Talk has been touring with BSS this summer, and they've been pushing their new album "Some are Lakes", which I must say I enjoy quite a bit.

Land of Talk has been gaining steam recently, with various positive album reviews from various blogs and websites, along with getting a lot of airplay on sirius radio (check out Left of Center online). The trio from Canada plays the rock and the roll just as good as anyone else does, and they've honed in on the incredible sound that occurs when female vocals meet electric guitars (see PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Pink Nasty, Des Ark, etc and etc...).

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