Wednesday, November 19, 2008


paper rival announced today they're breaking up. the new frontiers also broke up about a month ago in case you missed that one. bad time to be an astoundingly good indie band. i guess the recipe is to suck a lot, be total jerks to everyone and write annoying music. then if you do that, you can be huge!

leave a comment and fill in the blanks: who's amazing and will never get popular and who's horrible and shouldn't be popular?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

tonight @ kilby

tonight at kilby for only $6 you can catch some great locals and help a good cause. local artist tate law, of the lionelle, spooky moon, neon trees, allred and more was hit by a large truck a month ago and suffered some significant injuries. tonight's show at kilby is a benefit for tate to help him get back on his feet (once he gets back on his feet).

swing by tonight and catch sets from: mury, blackhounds, all time ending, loom, the hotness, ask for the future and more...

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's been far too long.

For those of you that missed Colour Revolt when they played the cafe this month, you missed one of the best shows that cafe ever had. here is a video of the song Naked and Red.

Band of Annuals and Joshua James tonight @ Kilby Court

This post is a little late, I meant to get it up much earlier today so you guys could have a chance to read it and go to the show tonight. Either way, you need to become fans of both of these musicians.

We are all big fans of both Band of Annuals and Joshua James here at From The Ship to The Sea (that is subtle humor, that will probably only make me laugh). Tonight will truly be an incredible show. I'm starting to feel like Conan O'Brien. Have you ever noticed he says that every night?

Band of Annuals are one of those SLC bands that everyone knows, everyone loves, and should totally be signed to a big indie label. They make really great alt-country, easy going, music. With both female and male vocals that would be successful on just on their own, it's hard to deny these guys.

Joshua James is what I like to call a "you make me jealous, and want to be a musician" musician. One of those singer songwriters that is just different enough to make a name for himself, but is also just as pleasing to the ear of even the most average of listeners (I'm talking C-minuses here people). If you like the social and political commentary of Conor Oberst, then you will like Joshua James.

I really don't think there is any way that you can be disappointed if you go tonight. However, I could totally see how you would be disappointed if you read this tomorrow and have already missed the show...

My bad.

If that is the case, check out the links, buy some albums, make some friends, sleep on their couches, call your mother only once a week, and only eat goat cheese. Life will be so much better.

Making sense only 68% of the time,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

last night. last show.

the show last night was amazing! asher, emme & denison are incredibly talented folks. thanks SO much to everyone for coming out & supporting the cafe. we love you.

Crooked Fingers tonight @ Urban Lounge

Chances are you caught these guys for free this summer during the twilight series at Gallivan Plaza. If you were on top of your game and read this blog often you would have also purchased two for one tickets for tonights show at Slowtrain.

Either way, they're playing tonight, and it will be a good show. Crooked Fingers have been at it for years, and know how to rock various groups of peoples socks off. Bet me a millions dollars that you won't like it... go ahead.

I feel like I have posted this video already

future billionaire,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

almost here...

denison is in salt lake and so is the invisible children crew. the snow has stopped and we're about to head over to newsong underground for the end of an are still available at the door.

denison witmer, emme packer, seafinch
newsong underground
859 s 800 e
$12 at the door

Mark Kozelek release in December

Mark Kozelek, singer for Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters, is set to release an album of covers on December 9th. Keep an eye out for that one, I'm sure it will challenge many albums to make it on multiple Top Ten lists for 2008.

In case you haven't done so already, check out Sun Kil Moon's "Tiny Cities". It's an album of Modest Mouse covers and it will get you excited to buy this next album.


I'm drinking coca coca cola,

Monday, November 3, 2008

best handbill ever?

it just might be. plus it's all about people taking care of people. which we love.


so my latest musical addiction has been this little 2 man band from new york city called bears repeating. the first time i listened to their song doctors i replayed it at least 6 times. all i can say is i love the hell out of it & i got that phrase from joey & rory who came & played at my office today (but that's another entry yet to come). check out bears repeating on myspace & let me know what you think.

not a scene?

so we have copeland, lovedrug and lydia tonight and also phanton planet, the maine and brobecks as well? even if these aren't your favorite bands, you have to be impressed with all that on a monday night.


i hate christmas music. hate it. it's the worst thing you could possibly do to someone i think. but there are exceptions. there are a few holiday albums i can handle and even enjoy. of course anything bing crosby recorded (mele kalikimaka is hawaii's way...) and i think most people would agree that sufjan steven's 4-disc work of holiday music is quality and an interesting take on many holiday stalwarts.

josh rosenthal's new ep, narratives is also an exception and represents an original christmas album. the album begins with a standard you'd expect (o come, o come emmanual) that would fit in any holiday mix, but then leaves the familiar, over-trod path of traditional "holiday" music and heads in its' own direction. narratives is marked by original tracks that establish josh's personal view on christmas. in his own words, he's not the biggest fan of christmas or christmas music either. tracks like "this changes everything" and "before i go" could be a part of any album really. they deal honestly with christmas themes, but i honestly don't catagorize them as "christmas songs."

my biggest reservation about the ep is the glaring absence of mele kalikmaka. i even checked on itunes for bonus tracks and it wasn't there. i did discover that narratives is selling on itunes for $4.95 though which was worth discovering. i've heard josh play a few of these in person and they play well live. we may not feel like it today, but very soon we'll all feel like cozying up to someone we love and playing some holiday music. when you do, this is an ep you'll be glad you have. of course bing won't be far behind. i'll keep looking for bonus tracks.