Friday, October 31, 2008

who will give us love?

almost a month ago, tate from the lionelle and spooky moon was hit while riding his scooter home from practice. short story, he's going to be out of commission for a while. in the midst of this bad situation, many of his friends in salt lake's artist community are doing what they can to help.

on thursday, november 13th, blackhounds, mury, the hotness, all time ending and sam from ask for the future are playing kilby court. it's $6 at the door and all the money goes to help tate once he gets back on his feet (he shattered his pelvis so it could be a while). kilby's donating the venue, the bands are all playing for free and we're handling promotion. please pass the info on and help rally support for tate. let's sell out kilby and have fun helping someone we all love.

Leona Naess Monster

Leona Naess is a singer songwriter from London who is now living in New York and making a living by writing really great music. I was able to see her a few days ago when she opened for Ray Lamontagne.

She is either a bit nuts, or she was a bit drunk... or maybe she's just eccentric. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised when she began singing, and although her songs can follow a certain pattern at times, I think she is definitely blog worthy. From the stage she is a bit awkward, and at times you feel a bit uncomfortable, but then she starts singing again and all is well. Personally I think one of her band members is actually Matt Sharp pretending to be a bad drummer, but I could be wrong. She just released an album this summer, out on Verve Forecast Records, check it out (how can you not with the incredible review I just gave?). Truly, the music is good.

I also hear she was engaged to Ryan Adams, so that might explain the complete insanity ;)

This one I do not have a crush on,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girl Talk tonight @ In The Venue

If you want to have a seizure, seizure of ill beats that is, then you can go to Girl Talk tonight at In The Venue and dance your little heart out. Or you can watch the video below.

Girl Talk has been updating their myspace blog by posting videos from different cities off of their current tour (the very same tour that comes through SLC tonight, oh my!). This video is from Tucson, on the 23rd. It made me have a baby, and I'm not even pregnant... It's that electronically intense, don't ask me how it works.

You little dancers can go and wear bright colors (or apparently Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys?), and bring your glow sticks, and your fancy shoes, and dance 'til it's election day.

Pretty sure you can also download their album for whatever price you want como Radiohead. Try it out.

Now I have to take care of this thing, and it cries all the time,

Look to the right, to the right!

If you read the ship regularly, or if you are just very observant, you know that we like to list the best shows that Salt Lake has to offer. If you're crazy observant you'll notice that we put some little itty bitty stars next to some of those shows.

Why? you ask.

Well my best friends all across the world and even my best friends in the whole universe (sorry too much McCain these days) it's because tickets to those shows are being offered for an extra special price at slowtrain. Ladies and Gentleman, get ready for a 2-for-1 ticket price. That's right. Your dreams just came true.

But you have to act now. This extra special offer is only good until Nov. 1st. So pick a show you like, and go get a crazy good deal on it.

Personally I think I am going to choose Crooked Fingers and Sole and the Skyrider band, but that's just me.

Disclaimer: If this post is interpreted as pro-McCain in any way it is purely coincidental and unintentional, and the sarcasm is not coming across in text... really.

I like boiled peanuts,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

free music

thanks to my old kentucky blog (and seriously if you don't read it, you should), denison witmer has released a free, 4-song ep available FREE for download. it's perfect timing for us since his show is this wednesday.

i can't help but worry that this is another show we'll work our butts off for promoting and a few people will show up and then a month later everyone will wish they would have shelled out the $10 for. he's even kicking off his tour in salt lake city. this is going to be an amazing night of songwriters - buy a ticket!

How could I forget?!

What am I doing talking about Missy Higgins (see below) when 3OH3! is coming tonight?

Asher introduced me to these guys a few months ago, and all I could do was laugh, cause it's actually good.

Who knows whether or not they started this thing out as a joke or not, but it's not a joke anymore.

3OH3! are white boys from Boulder, CO who rap like Three 6 Mafia. It's actually kind of ridiculous... cause, I'm not kidding, it's good. Really it is. I don't know how. I don't know who they sold their soul to in order to make these beats, but it works. Sometimes I don't believe it, but then I here them on the radio of a retail store in Salt Lake (that actually happened) and I think, I guess people really do like them. How? I just don't know.

My apologies to Missy Higgins, but if you are going to choose a show tonight, I would definitely recommend this one. It'll be way more fun. Really. They'll be at The Avalon theater.

Too funny,

Missy Higgins @ Club Sound tonight

Guys, if you were sitting there thinking "man, I really wish I could get this certain someone to make out with me tonight", go to club sound tonight and it'll be like magic (come on, we all know you were thinking that, don't try to deny it).

Joshua Radin is mostly annoying, but possible to get through without killing yourself (harsh? maybe).

Missy Higgins will be absolutely enjoyable, so much so it will be worth sitting through the other guy.

You can stream their albums on both of their websites, so I'll let you make the decision on how much you like them, but it will be a good show. Mark my words.

Here is a video...

Yes, I understand that sometimes I listen to some of the girliest music ever, but I can't help it, I was raised on the cardigans and the cranberries!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

painstakingly beautiful

relevant magazine reviewed denison witmer's new cd, carry the weight in their new issue that came in the mail this week.

here's their review:

"with is meandering and myopic style, denison witmer is folksier, less orchestrated than sujan stevens - a one-time touring partner who played on his last release in 2005. a more bouyant witmer offers up confessional songs like "chesapeake watershed" - which references home life and insomnia - and the title track, where he admits he's "not ashamed to say i don't know anymore." "song of songs" breaks into full-on simon and garfunkel mode and gets a little humdrum, but this philadelphia songwriter can't help adding subtle grunge undertones (see "if you are the writer") that loosen and liven up his acoustic pattern-matching style.

on some songs, there's a painstakingly beautiful femaile vocal part - thanks to michigan singer/songwriter rosie thomas - that accomplishes the same goal as the grungy bits, but you never really get the impression that witmer wants to wake you from a nap. hed rather just keep you right on the edge of dreaming and being fully alive."

snag denison's new cd next wednesday at newsong underground (859 s 800 e) or in stores the following wednesday on the militia group.

Ray Lamontagne tonight and Elephant 6 orchestra at NPR

I know I'm a bit behind on this, but you have to give me a break. So I missed a blog post on Monday, sue me!

If you are unfamiliar with Elephant 6 you are either 1. under the age of 18, or 2. in need of a serious Neutral Milk Hotel injection. Either way, you can go to the all songs considered site today and download a recording of a live show of the Elephant 6 orchestra in Chicago on Oct. 21st.

Elephant 6 was a record label in the 90's that released albums for classic indie rock bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power, The Apples in Stereo, and Beulah. It eventually came to an end after most of the bands stopped releasing music. However, it has left us with the Elephant 6 orchestra, a musical grab back consisting of some 15 musicians that once played for the many bands involved with Elephant 6 through the years (can anyone say Of Montreal?). The recording up at has the often reclusive Jeff Mangum of NMH which should be enough for many of you to stop reading now and go download it.

Also, tonight Ray Lamontagne will be at Saltair. If you're not already going, and you read this, and you have money, and your wife/mom/girlfriend/cousin (who knows?) will let you, you should go. Paul Jacobsen will be opening. He played at the cafe once upon a moon, when we still existed. It was one of my favorite shows we had there, small, intimate, great music, good friends, happy memories to be sure. I'm pretty excited.

I'll take some pictures tonight, however my camera situation is, well... bad. We'll see if they ever make it to the internet :)

With all humor aside, I honestly believe tonight has the potential of being on of those "stick in your memory, remember the smell, taste, sound, girl, perfect night" situations. You should honestly consider it.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Voodoo Music Festival

The Voodoo Music Festival starts today. I wish I could say that I was going to be there, and was going to take pictures, write reviews, etc... However, we aren't a huge music blog (yet). Instead, this weekend I'll be moving a bunch of stuff to my new apartment, helping Asher tile, and doing laundry. I'll listen to all of the great acts that will be there this weekend though, you'd better believe it. You can also watch the festival, as far as I can tell, live as it is happening in New Orleans on their home page.

Here is a list of just a few of the bands performing:
TV On the Radio
Erykah Badu
Mars Volta
Cold War Kids
Lupe Fiasco
Joss Stone
Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves
Tokyo Police Club

Here's to becoming bloggers with power and free tickets to music festivals.


This'll be really quick

Take a look at Peter Broderick. The kid is only 21 years old and has a more than impressive musical resume. He's been doing studio work for all kinds of artists, Horse Feathers, Loch Lomond, M. Ward, She & Him, along with a number of other well known European acts. His solo stuff is really great, so you should definitely check it out.

My personal opinion is that it would behoove you to jump on his bandwagon now, before he is the new bee's knees (That is quite possibly the nerdiest, and worst sentence I've ever written).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fredrik (did you know I like Swedish music)

This is probably getting to a point where it might be annoying. How much of the new music that I talk about on this site comes from Sweden?

90 percent?

Maybe. But I can’t change the way I feel! I love it, and I don’t care what you, or anyone else says! I’m my own person, and I’ll listen to incredible Swedish pop my whole life if I need to. Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Moment of silence for Patrick Swayze’s cancer…

Moving on.

Fredrik, the latest in my Northern European infatuations, is someone you absolutely need to check out. That's easy to do, by the way, because you can stream their entire album on their website. Check out the first song titled "Black Fur" on their album “Na Na Ni” and you’ll be sold immediately. If you aren’t, well, my apologies.

Like many of the artists coming out of Scandinavia these days Fredrik is very creative, and use a multitude of instruments and musicians to make them work. Unlike many of the artists coming out of Scandinavia however, they don’t spit out straight up pop music that won't require a lot of thought. Many of Fredriks songs are dark, and moody, but still keep you hooked, and they won't bring you to a point of unrelenting boredom. They may not be Sweden's next big thing (I’m from Barcelona) but if you’re looking for some great indie pop, that you’ll want to listen to more than just a few times, check out Fredrik.

...and what would a blog post be without a video?

Fredrik - 1986 from The Kora Records on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jolie Holland @ Urban Lounge tonight

If you have heard Jolie Holland before you know that her usual sound is something you would probably hear in the back country hills of West Virginia. It is a sound I have loved for a number of years now, and it's what I was expecting when I saw that she was coming to SLC. However, I've since come to hear songs off her latest album "The living and the dead" and I've come to realize that things in the world of Jolie Holland have changed.

Her voice is still just as good as ever but now she has an entire band backing her up, rather than just her acoustic guitar. The album is also a lot more produced than her previous works, which is not necessarily a bad thing. After hearing the new album, I've forgotten all about the old stuff (that's not true at all, I love the old stuff, what am I talking about?), and I'm even more excited about the show.

I can't recommend that you go see Jolie at the Urban Lounge tonight. It's going to be a really great time. This you will have to trust me on. If it's not, I'll buy you a popsicle... in December.

Check her myspace, and go buy the album. Here is a video as always:

Monday, October 20, 2008

denison witmer

well it's a few weeks away and i'm nervous. our last show, denison witmer is the big one. we have every penny wrapped up in this one and everyone has said they're coming, but you can never really tell what that means. we're really excited that emme packer is on the bill and also seafinch. seafinch is asher from the cafe. it's been over two years since he played in salt lake so it should be a really fun night. most of us from the cafe have tickets for $10, please contact us and we'll get them to you and save you the extra service charges or day of fees.

in other news, i was able to share a meal with the colour revolt boys on their way from oxford, mississippi to san francisco, california. they're heading out for 6 weeks before a 4 month break to write a new record.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mountain Goats and Kaki King tonight @ In The Venue

Tonight is your chance to see these guys play together before their collaborative Black Pear Tree EP comes out. You can download and stream one of the songs off the EP, Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle, from Pitchfork here. Keep in mind the song is sung from the perspective of Toad.

Since I love making things easy for you, and if you don't want to go to another page (I agree with you, you shouldn't leave) you can just watch a 'video' for the song here:

As always, if you go to the show and take any pictures, feel free to send them to us and we'll post them with credit (to the max).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ray Lamontagne moves to Saltair

The Ray Lamontagne show that was going to be at the Murray Theater has been moved to Saltair because of demand and need for a larger venue. If you had tickets to the Murray Theater they will still be honored.

Mine were will call so I'm still trying to figure out how that will work. I'll update here when I find out.

If you don't have tickets, see the post I made a few days ago and go to the show.

Am I crazy or is Ryan Adams?

I think chances are Ryan is a bit more nuts than myself, not that I want to paint the wrong picture or anything, he makes awesome music, but... well... what can I say? The dude seems a little unstable. See "Halloween Head", this, or his blog. I like him just as much as the next guy, but I mean... come on.

Either way, he and his band have a new album coming out soon called "Cardinology". You can pre-order it on itunes, it's going to be good. It doesn't mean you're nuts if you like it, really it doesn't, I promise.

I feel more crazy just trying to find stuff for this post however. I know that he has been releasing cover songs in anticipation of the new album, but I can't find a link to them, and if I keep looking (like I have been for the past 1/2 hour) I might write a song about having a christmas tree head or something.

Here is a cover of Wonderwall by Oasis for your troubles.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fleet Foxes @ In the Venue tonight

You can still buy tickets at here

Not sure if any of us will be able to make it, but if you end up going take some pictures and send them to us. We'll post them and give you credit of course.

Land of Talk

If you made it out to the Broken Social Scene show at the Gallivan Plaza this summer chances are you had a pretty good time. There was also a very good chance that you watched the singer for Land of Talk without even knowing it. Land of Talk has been touring with BSS this summer, and they've been pushing their new album "Some are Lakes", which I must say I enjoy quite a bit.

Land of Talk has been gaining steam recently, with various positive album reviews from various blogs and websites, along with getting a lot of airplay on sirius radio (check out Left of Center online). The trio from Canada plays the rock and the roll just as good as anyone else does, and they've honed in on the incredible sound that occurs when female vocals meet electric guitars (see PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Pink Nasty, Des Ark, etc and etc...).

Do it,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Swedes will never stop.

Quickly, let's just get this out of the way, if I was a large body of land surrounded by other large bodies of land separated by political lines drawn on pieces of paper, I would totally marry sweden and make little baby bodies of land... Maybe that has already happened and that's why there are so many islands off the coast of Sweden?

Moving on...

For whatever reason, the Swedes know how to make music. From Abba to Abba cover bands, the music from Scandinavia is incredible.

Immanu El is no exception. They produce a kind of post-rock that I can never resist, no matter how hard I try. Don't be scared by that label though, they only have one song that is 10 minutes long, and it's really good. On top of the classic 2 guitar/vocal/bass/drums lineup they have Jonatan Hammer who also plays keyboards, guitar, cello, trumpet, and does samples. If that doesn't peak your interest you should probably check yourself before you wreck yourself.

They released their first album in the fall of '07, and they seem poised to gain some ground in the industry in the near future. You can buy their album "they'll come, they come" on Itunes.

If you like post-rock (i.e. guitars with delay) you should at least give them a chance.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ray Lamontagne - New CD, same old beard

Ray Lamontagne's new CD "Gossip In The Grain" was released today. Stop reading this and run to the nearest cd store, or just click over to your itunes and buy it NOW!

Upon first listen (honestly, I'm not even done with the entire CD yet) I think it will be one of my top five albums of the year. It'll probably surpass Ray's last effort, "Till The sun Turns Black", in terms of an overall album when it's all said and done. The songs on Gossip seem much more put together, and dare I say a little more experimental? With a song like "I Still Care For You" that mixes Ray's acoustic strumming with droning guitars and busy jazz drumming, it makes you feel like he is taking his music to another level. However, soft simple songs like "Winter Birds" show you that a good voice and an acoustic guitar is all anyone really ever needs.

The song "Meg White" is not his best work, in fact, I think it's a pretty awful choice for a single, but you have to give him some credit for having the guts to write an entire song about the White Stripes drummer.

We all know I'm still honing the craft of making a well written album review, and we all know that my usual ending to a post is "it's good, trust me, just listen to it". I'll try to not to end with that this time. If you like Ray Lamontagne, even just slightly, I think you'll enjoy this album.

Current song - A Fall Through - Ray Lamontagne

(It's Genius, just listen to it)

Monday, October 13, 2008


here's a link to a local blog that interviewed me recently about the cafe, the local scene, my favorite locals and trends in music.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dension witmer show

emme packer has been added to the denison / seafinch show at newsong underground on wednesday, november 5th. tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

r.i.p. - thanks.

i want to start by saying thanks.

thanks to all the great people who have worked at the cafe,
helped out, played, supported, sold tickets, put up posters,
bought a ticket, added us on myspace and spread the word
about our little venue that could.

but couldn’t.

we’re done. we don’t want to be. but we are.

the church has been forced to buy out of their lease of the
cafe and effective immediately, they’re out.

so we’re out.

the church that formerly leased the cafe has been amazing.
they belived in us, encouraged us, worked around us,
cleaned up after us, repaired stuff, and have generally been
some of the nicest people we’ve ever known. they hate that
they’re losing their cafe, but there’s no way around it. it’s
been a big part of their church for almost a decade.

so now it’s time to rip the bandaid off. no more shows at the
cafe. no more us. for a while it looked like we’d get to do a
few farewell shows, but it didn’t work out.

we might come back someday as something else somewhere
down the line, but for right now, here’s what we have:

newsong underground - 859 south 800 east

tickets are $10 in advance. if the cafe has meant anything to
you, please buy a ticket. we’re flying denison in beacuse
he’s that amazing.

we’re proud of what we did and we couldn’t have done it
without you.

chad, megan, lawrence, paul, sami, asher,
cierra, tanner, keni, vanessa, tim

Friday, October 3, 2008