Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girl Talk tonight @ In The Venue

If you want to have a seizure, seizure of ill beats that is, then you can go to Girl Talk tonight at In The Venue and dance your little heart out. Or you can watch the video below.

Girl Talk has been updating their myspace blog by posting videos from different cities off of their current tour (the very same tour that comes through SLC tonight, oh my!). This video is from Tucson, on the 23rd. It made me have a baby, and I'm not even pregnant... It's that electronically intense, don't ask me how it works.

You little dancers can go and wear bright colors (or apparently Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys?), and bring your glow sticks, and your fancy shoes, and dance 'til it's election day.

Pretty sure you can also download their album for whatever price you want como Radiohead. Try it out.

Now I have to take care of this thing, and it cries all the time,


chad said...

we should get paid for how much we plug upcoming shows.

Tim Glenn said...

seriously. It's true.

Meg said...

i wanted to go to that show SO bad!

chad said...

so apparently we're the only ones who read our blog...