Monday, October 20, 2008

denison witmer

well it's a few weeks away and i'm nervous. our last show, denison witmer is the big one. we have every penny wrapped up in this one and everyone has said they're coming, but you can never really tell what that means. we're really excited that emme packer is on the bill and also seafinch. seafinch is asher from the cafe. it's been over two years since he played in salt lake so it should be a really fun night. most of us from the cafe have tickets for $10, please contact us and we'll get them to you and save you the extra service charges or day of fees.

in other news, i was able to share a meal with the colour revolt boys on their way from oxford, mississippi to san francisco, california. they're heading out for 6 weeks before a 4 month break to write a new record.

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