Tuesday, May 27, 2008

weezer, chris crocker, star wars kid & shoes.

weezer recently released this video for "pork & beans" & i love it because it makes me feel better about spending my life on a computer. if you don't recognize any of the internet celebrities in this video then you probably have a much more productive life than i do. i know them all by name. as far as the song goes; it's alright. when i heard this song on the radio i had no idea it was weezer, surprising since they usually have that distinct weezer sound. if this song is a reflection of the rest of the new album it is not going to be anything special. however they won me over with this clever video...for now.


Dainon. said...

That is quite honestly one of the coolest things I've ever seen. And, yes, I spend way too much time on the Internet. At least it allows me to enjoy a video like this one. Superb.

chad said...

megan i think you rule.