Thursday, May 29, 2008

so good i forgot it was raining outside

cut off your hands is my new favorite band of the day. i think the band i would compare them most to is foals. yeah. i need this on my ipod. according to youtube this video was made in 3 days with 1500 inkjet printouts. all their videos are pretty cool. well the gloomy weather is hindering my ability to write well so watch & listen to this video. i hope you love it. :D

and if you love that here is something a little crazier from the band robot tigers which includes some of the guys from cut off your hands.

p.s. just a little hint if you didn't already know this...if you Ctrl+click (command+click for mac users) on a link it will open it in a new tab so you don't have to navigate away from this lovely blog.

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