Monday, May 19, 2008

margot and the so so's

i really like margot and the nuclear so and so's. i'm excited for their new album. i'm not sure what i expected when i went to kilby court saturday night with my wife for the margot show, but i didn't really get into it. as i've thought about it, here are a few of the reasons i have come up with...

first off, is margot really the kind of music you get live? all eight of them smashed onto kilby's small stage, quietly bickering with each other between songs?

the other thing is that saturday's crowd was a really different crowd. not different in a fun way, but different in a "how did you hear about this band" way. maybe i just assume too much about margot. maybe i assume that they're very indie and off the beaten path (while still popular) and are only to be enjoyed by artsy, beatnik types. of course, i'm neither of those so what am i really even talking about?

it did sound great though and all the money kilby's new owners have put into the sound system seem worth it. the touring support for margot was really good too. if anyone knows who they were, let me know.


lindsay anne said...

I've only seen them once - at SXSW - and I thought it was quite dynamic. Some of the songs were a little lackluster (Skeleton Key isn't nearly as powerful live) - but seeing them live made me REALLY love the song, 'Quiet as a Mouse'. It was just so powerful on stage!
However, I will say that the lead singer is the quintessential moody artist type - and I could see their live show being terrible if he wasn't in the mood. Dude's a little bit of a basketcase.

annnnnd...longest comment ever.

Dainon. said...

Yeah, I thought I'd dig it more than I did, too. What was up with that? I also expected a bit less of a crowd and sorta wanted to be right in their faces, but couldn't get close. Still, that tambourine player? Best part of my night.