Tuesday, May 13, 2008

great vengeance and furious fire

it's always when you're broke as broke that you find so many cd's that you want to buy...

the heavy are just such a band and their new cd great vengeance and furious fire is just such a cd. and of course, i'm broke.

hailing from just outside bath, england (straight west from london before you get to cardiff - i googled a map), the heavy play the kind of funk rock that you'd swear you heard in a steven soderbergh movie. it's classy and lively enough to play in any nightclub and you can almost hear american rappers lining up with bags of money for samples. while their style is fresh and new, they clearly honor the old funk masters. simply put: they could share the stage with the isley brothers one day and mark ronson the next and both would make perfect sense.

they've just done their intro to the u.s. tour this week (a few los angeles dates, san fran, chicago and three more in new york). they have about 6,500 myspace friends now, i can't imagine this band staying unkown for too much longer.

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