Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'll fill chad & the rest of you all in :)

Okay, so for everyone who sort of missed the hype about Nightmare of You, i'll do my best to "fill you in." I've been listening to Nightmare of You since their first self-titled album came out in 2005 and they haven't gotten old. Nightmare of You definitely has a unique sound that you can hear by just listening to the voice of the lead singer, Brandon Reilly. But, in their case, unique is good and it works. They have a mix of dance and more acoustic type songs on both albums with lyrics that are not only profound but you can relate to them..or at least find entertaining. If you go to their myspace to check them out you can hear some of their stuff off their new ep, Bang. Although Bang is an extremely good album, in my opinion, I think you should check out some of their older stuff on these fakers: here or here. I honestly don't believe you will be disappointed. If you like them, I've heard they are great live so you should come check them out when they play at the cafe, May 25.

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