Thursday, May 29, 2008

it can't be bad, right?

is it bad that i can't go a day without listening to laura veirs' saltbreakers album? cause i gotta be honest, it doesn't feel like a bad thing.

it's one of the few cds that upon playing, anyone around asks who it is and replies "i like this." which i think is proof of something beautiful, or at the very least, good.

what impresses me is her ability to be upbeat, witty, catchy, reflective, quiet and down-tempo all on the same album. which is one reason i think i listen to it every day; it's hard to get sick of an album that travels such distances.

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Meg said...

i didn't even know she had a new album out but it doesn't surprise me you can't stop listening to it. i was the same way with years of meteors. i love when music is that good.