Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a decade before

my wife was cleaning out a closet tonight getting ready for a yard sale and she came upon one of our many cd stashes from yesteryear. after scanning through a pile of mostly rubbish, i picked up an old, old cd. i have a copy of it on my ipod, but it was put on a computer 6 years ago and the quality is really bad (you can always tell by the cymbals) so i grabbed royal's my dear like it had candy inside (i like candy).

long before being a band from scandanavia was the hot new thing, the swedish rock quintet royal was quietly not making it big in america.

to be honest, they were before their time. the delivered female fronted screamo before screamo was hot and america wasn't ready for it back in 1998. by my research they only released one album in america, my dear on tooth and nail records.

i wish it were still in print (an itunes search pulls up another royal that totally sucks it and is not this band that i'm writing about), but it's not. i guess next time you're at the cafe, snag my ipod and see what you think (don't do this). i can't even direct you to a website (this cd is so old, there is no website listed!).

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