Monday, May 12, 2008

sub pop can do no wrong

sub pop really is the best indie label out there right now. you could argue that with their roster they're no longer an indie label, but let's just agree that they have a knack for a&r and for finding incredible artists.

the newest sub pop band i've taken to is fleet foxes (i know tim's already on board with ff). go spend $.99 in itunes and buy mykonos off their sun giant ep and you'll know what i mean. they describe their music as: "baroque harmonic pop jams." there is certainly that minstrel in the gallery telling old tales with a modern song writing style to it. their style deftly blends old and new but definitely keeps it's feet in the old. i'd compare them to the twin cinema's record by the new pornographers. itunes says they're for fans of beirut and grizzly bear, which is probably true since you can throw a rock and find music fans that like beirut and grizzly bear.

other than that, i've been in mexico for a week and pretty much only listened to the con by teegan and sara and electric version by the new pornographers. i did catch colour revolt in las vegas last week and they were amazing. i didn't take any photos cause i'm a lazy jerk and also cause house of blues barely lets you take your own shoes into their venue let alone a camera.

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