Saturday, May 10, 2008

voices that make me melt.

the new augustana album (can't love, can't hurt) is absolutely incredible. i picked it up at graywhale yesterday after seeing an acoustic set from the band. it's just as good on the album as it was acoustic. frontman, dan layus has an amazing voice. the music is simple and calming. i think that i might even like this second album more than the first - all the stars and boulevards. they are different in really good ways. to me the first album was more plain rock and this one has some country sounds thrown in and i've been really into that lately. i'm terrible at explaining music because it all makes great sense in my head but not so much out of it. go pick up this album and take a good listen. because it's worth it. and if you're broke just go listen to their myspace and realize you need to get some ca$h.

favorite songs on can't love, can't hurt: hey now, i still ain't over you, fire, and where love went wrong.

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Mesa said...

They were amazing live at the Avalon. Even cooler in person. The album is incredible! I totally agree on the favorite songs.