Thursday, May 15, 2008

promoting this show is a nightmare

nightmare of you will be at the cafe on sunday, may 25th. to be honest, i'm 30 and know nothing about them. maybe some of you can fill me in (sami, keni, et al). of course i've listened to their myspace music, i just don't want to pretend to know all about them when i don't.

what i do know is that nightmare of you is bringing edison glass and paper rival with them. i've listened to edison glass for a long time and paper rival played the cafe two months ago. both bands represent the best that the indie marketplace has to offer: rich, layered, thoughtful music and lyrics and entertaining live shows. of course you'll only find this out if you buy a ticket to the show and come hang out! it's on the sunday before memorial day so you hopefully won't have school and work and will want to come hang out. tickets are cheaper ahead of time, come by the cafe either of the next two friday's or buy them online here.

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