Thursday, March 20, 2008

something you shouldn't have missed. maybe i missed part of the manchester orchestra/say anything show at club sound tuesday night, but what i saw blew my mind. biffy clyro was up and judging from their first song i didn't like it. i didn't even know who they were and was later misinformed of the name (biffy clyro not buffy cairo). however, as soon as they went into their second song my mind was changed. i suppose i'm running out of new and interesting things to say, but they were unique and they rocked hard :]. i was suprised i enjoyed them to be honest. it was more...guitar(???)...than i'm usually into. anyway, i'm going to have one hell of a hard time describing their music past what i did so go check out their myspace and listen. but, i will warn you: they are one of those bands that are better live (which is great). and now ladies and gentlemen...manchester orchestra. since summer i've been listening to this band non-stop and i finally got the chance to see them live; it didn't disappoint. they come on stage and it made me very happy because they just look so normal - no "rockstar aura", no "trendy" clothes. just people. frontman andy hull looks like a badass country man with his big beard and trucker hat foiled by a voice so genuine and soft accompanied by a hint of some "country twang"(as described by sami p). their performance included "where have you been" and (my personal favorite) "i can barely breathe". they also included some new songs (off their album that comes out this summer) and mixed up an oldie/goodie song - "collie strings". everything was good and the whole thing made me feel good. i got chills i wanted to cry blahblahblah. it was fantastic and they're a bona fide band that's gonna keep it real and you can always count on that.


chad said...

it was heavy on guitars because he was looping it all...too much if you ask me.

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Lauralee said...

I didn't really like them myself! The drummer is the one who impressed me. I don't think I'd see them again unless they were playing a show with other bands I wanted to see.

MO is always amazing.It still bugs me that people can't be quiet during songs like Colly Strings. MO are really nice guys as well. They were pretty bummed they were missing Kevin Devine by a day too.

Oh yeah Kevin Devine really enjoyed Atherton's set last night. He told the entire crowd they were an amazing band. He meant it to, because he was actually watching their set.