Saturday, March 1, 2008

get destroyed...

other than and you will know us by the trail of dead, this will destroy you is my favorite name for a band. not just because it's funny and out there, but because it's such a misnomer for they type of music they play.

this will destroy you is an incredibly chill four-piece from texas very much in the style of explosions in the sky. their music is wordless, but still delivers emotion and heart. simply put, they just don't need vocals; they would only get in the way of their instruments. it's not so much that it's wordless, but that it's a half-painted canvas and i get to fill in the words myself. i have to admit that lately i've really been into wordless music (see te' and also maiou) but it seems that there is definitely a trend to have a side project that's experimental rock.

supposedly, according to an unnamed source (who also has a funny story about bailing twdy from a small county jail for undisclosed crimes), twdy has quietly sold 15,000 units of threads. according to their myspace, they have lined up a month long tour in europe for later this spring.

catch this will destroy you tomorrow night at kilby court. i already have the feeling that this will be one of those tiny shows that is incredible for those who are there, but missed by most everyone else who, a year from now will curse themselves for not being there.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be one of the ones regretting having to miss this.