Sunday, March 9, 2008

local kids are oh so dreamy.

"Everyone has dreams and everyone's goal is to bring their dreams to great heights. Dream Balloons are the vessels in which your dreams can rise to realities." - Trevor Down

if you ask the boys from Dream Balloons how long they've been a band you'll get many different, and interesting, answers. according to guitarist/vocalist Bradley Ferreira they've been together "since the (indian) summer." but, just ask keyboardist/vocalist Trevor Down and he'll give you a more specific answer: "sam, adam, and i got together and wrote the intstrumental part of our songs less than 3 weeks before our first show on august 2nd '07. brad joined that band and wrote the guitar parts/lyrics 5 days before august 2nd." despite how long they've actually been making music they do it in a very unique and fun way. i sent all the guys some surveys to fill out and i was not disappointed with the answers i recieved in return. Dream Balloons is a local high school band with personality. they love to play their music because they "want to be able to meet new people and new bands by playing our shows. any show that we dont leave with a new friend [is] consider a show wasted (Trevor Down)." DB drummer Sam Funston says "i am only in the now" but, his goal in creating the music is "to create something we can all enjoy with utmost originality." however, when asked where DB wants to go with their music Bradley Ferreira's answer was my personal favorite: "solid ground cafe," he stated. how's that for some local love? bassist Adam Bedke says that he wants people to hear their music and "dance, experience epiphanies, [and] want to change their lifestyle to ours" to which he adds that "maybe [he's] being just a tad bit delusional." but, why wouldn't you want to change your lifestyle to theirs? DB is a go-with-the-flow sort of band. they describe their music as "different (Adam Bedke)", "[a] flow of neon silk notes woven to form rays from stars and nebulae in the universe (Sam Funston)", "a fusion of 4 people stretching a song into our own personal directions (Trevor Down)", and "a mixture of watercolors and pop rocks with some animal collective/clap your hands say yeah! vocal oddity (Bradley Ferreira)". if you can come up with a more accurate description i will be quite surprised. another great thing about these guys is that even though they are in the music biz for the fun and friends they also believe music has a purpose. Bradley Ferreira believes that "music needs to be created because it's a class independent art for the masses" and Sam Funston says it's important to create music to "put with emotions, moods, feelings, events, stimulating the mind, influencing people around you. everyone can understand music. it is one language, it is a universal language." so these boys are smart, as well as musically gifted. i want to go on and on about the wonderful Dream Balloons but, to get the full effect you need to see them live. they play many local shows around salt lake and they never fail to put on a good one.

p.s. the boys can't seem to agree on what animal Dream Balloons would be. go vote on our poll!

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dream balloons make the world go 'round.