Wednesday, March 26, 2008

come swedes come all

I just paid $9.95 to have internet at the airport for a month. So I figured I'd better make good use of my purchase and use this crazy invention we call mass-communication.

So let's talk about The Social Services. Aside from being what I would call on Asher if he had a child, TSS is also a band from Sweden that has worked it's way in to my playlist over the last couple of days.

They're pretty happy, and poppy, and have both female and male singers... together! What!?!?! I know.

I'd describe them as a slightly more complicated, and Swedish, version of Mates of State. Check out their website, or their myspace. Listen to the song "The Baltic Sea", it's my favorite, so it's got to be yours right? Right.

Tim "Hello, Social Services? Yeah, my friend is feeding his child live gold fish" Glenn

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