Saturday, March 22, 2008

Building my Life Track

More and more I have been noticing that while doing ordinary things like shopping, and walking walking their dogs, people are listening to ipods and other such musical devices (I dare not mention Microsoft's version or Apple may just strike me down). I will not debate whether I think this is a good thing or bad thing, but instead use this as a promotion for a band that I enjoy having in my ears quite often. This got me thinking about how I love to listen to music, but there are those times when you just do not want to hear some dude sing another freaking love song. The Album Leaf is an ambient/electronic/instrumental band based out of San Diego, CA. What I love about The Album Leaf is that no matter what time of day you listen, it is enjoyable. They have such a soft tone, and hardly any singing. I am very much not a morning person, don't talk to me when I wake up, don't wave at me when I wake up, I am not going to be your friend until I have come to terms with getting out of bed. So picking music that can put me in a mood to smile when i awaken seems quite difficult. I feel that with the Album leaf, brain child Jimmy Lavalie has been following me from my day to day activities and taking notes about how I live. Then with every song he writes it's like he wrote something that can be apart of my life track. The Album leaf would be similar to bands like Sigur Ros, or Explosions in the Sky, but then also have their own style and sound. So when Hollywood decides to make a movie on the life and times of Lawrence, don't be surprised when it is filled with The Album Leaf songs. So put in your ear buds, walk your dog, take a jog, or just browse through your local mall, but make sure you are listening to something as enjoyable as The Album leaf.

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