Monday, March 24, 2008

hummingbird hands

just got home from tonight's explosions in the sky show. for those of you who missed it, it might have been one of the best shows i've seen this year (lawrence is thinking this might have been the best show he's ever been to).

imagine an hour and a half of solid music with crescendos and decrescendos but without breaks and you've got yourself an explosions show. add to that the emotional response to seeing four normal guys completely give themselves to the crowd without show, pretense, hype or glamor and you're getting close. add to that a huge crowd with a high musical iq that is perfectly content to skip the lyrics, the talking between songs, the sing-a-longs and just watch quietly, shuffling to the rhythm. i admit that i'm old, but it was so refreshing to watch a band skip all the rockstar antics and just give themselves to their instruments and music. it was also refreshing to be a part of a crowd that was happy to skip it as well. i should say: you high schoolers that went out tonight rule. i am way impressed by your taste.

this is supposedly their last tour for a while so maybe if you missed you can catch a rerun of austin city limits or something. i guess what i'm trying to say is that an explosions show is best experienced not read about.

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lauralee said...

that show was amazing. it's crazy how easily you would get lost in the music so easily. what did you think of the opener?