Wednesday, March 26, 2008

eden is a hell of a place...

it's been two weeks now since the fine fellas of colour revolt mailed the ship an early copy of beg, plunder and curse, their new full length on fat possum records. after fighting with myself for two weeks on how best to write this, here is my in no way does justice to this album.

instead of writing a record that drives down the same road into the city of rock, colour revolt wrote a record that finds its own path out of the city and into the countryside. and this trail that they've created, is unlike anything i've heard. you couldn't recreate beg, plunder and curse if you wanted to.

colour revolt is talented enough to write a trendy record if that had been their aim, they just chose not to. they chose to follow their hearts and musical convictions and deliver a testament of dark, brutal honesty and daring truth. speaking of testament, you'll want to dust up on your bible stories: themes of moses, the garden of eden, God, good and evil, salvation and crucification are all explored.

while this album avoids being just another popular album, i think beg, plunder and curse will become a hugely popular album. fat possum (the blues label that's also home to andrew bird) has the resources and quite simply, this album is just too good to be ignored. we could bury this album in the swamps from whence it came, but it would find its' way out. this album beckons the music appreciator to chase after it and track it down. colour revolt have created a disturbingly haunting piece of art that's hard to shake and impossible to ignore. or as the new frontiers' jacob channing put it: "it's just too good."

beg, plunder and curse comes out tuesday, april 2nd at is available downtown at slowtrain.


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Wow that video is strange. I want that new album! I think I have to listen to their EP now to satisfy my colourful cravings. MmmMmm clever