Tuesday, March 25, 2008

let's all put on our morning jackets

So this is something I meant to post quite a while ago, but it's still pretty relevant. I've also been experiencing a lot of music love this past week, and my brain needs to get this stuff out in blog form. So, here goes.

My Morning Jacket played some new stuff at SXSW and the concert is all over the inter-web. They've got a new album, Evil Urges coming out in June, and I'm crazy excited. Unlike some of the other sailors on this crazy boat (I don't know why I use the ship analogies, I kind of hate them), I think My Morning Jacket has firmly planted themselves in the "one of the best bands of our era" category, but that's just my opinion. Based on what I heard on the NPR feed of the SXSW show I'm a little nervous for this new album. They've got some songs where other members of the band are singing lead, and some songs that quite frankly I just thought were awful. However, I'm holding on to hope for another great album in June.

In other news, as Chad has already brought up, Explosions in the Sky played in Salt Lake last night, and it was simply incredible. Read his review, it's pretty spot on.

Also, last Friday I was able to catch the Jose Gonzalez show at the University of Utah. I was very impressed, I mean, I love his music so I'm biased, but probably one of the best singer song writer shows I've been to. I was wondering why they booked him at the union ballroom, but then as soon as I heard the crazy huge reverb it allowed it all made sense. Jose played just a few songs by himself and then had a percussionist and a female vocalist come up and accompany him for the rest of the set. His sound was just as good as on the album, and although usually I think light shows are incredibly overrated, his actually added to the mood of the show quite well. I would definitely recommend catching one of his shows if you get the chance.

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