Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm taking a break from studying just for you.

I've got a mid-term tomorrow that'll cover a plethora of events that took place in the first half of Utah's history, but I've just come across an artists that needs to be mentioned.

Some of you may have hear of Sera Cahoone before, she released a self titled album in 2006, and she has lent her drumming skills to both Carissa's Weird and Band of Horses. If you haven't heard of her, you've got agree that her track record looks pretty good.

In about a week she'll be releasing another full length record on Sub-Pop (which I have to say has cemented itself as one of my favorite labels, and should be giving the cafe a little more love) called "Only as the day is long". If the songs she has up on her myspace reflect the rest of the album I think I'll probably fall in love. She has the perfect "I'm relaxing, or eating dinner with friends, or laying in my bed thinking of a girl, or driving across the country, or buying a ferrari from a pikey" folk sound. I kid. Sincerely, she has an incredibly soothing voice, uses a slide, and a banjo, and makes my kind of music. Check out her self titled album, or just buy the new one next week, I know that I will.

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