Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm new too!

Well kinda...

I've been working my magic on this blog & myspace page, but this is my first official post. So Helloooo, thanks for having me.
Just so you know, if things were the same as they were last month I'd have discovered 10 exciting new bands this week. I would be more than happy to be sharing them with you & how inspired they made me. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I was finally given a new work computer to replace the nightmare of a computer I had been using for about 2 years. This is unfortunate simply because this new computer is without a sound card & I am without a good enough reason to need one for my job (increased productivity, maybe?) So I am in a bit of a music slump. I still have the use of my ipod for the 9 hours I sit at my desk everyday, but that's no help in the search for new undiscovered talent.

BUT no longer will I be held back by insufficient work computers. So without any more excuses, here is my latest discovery…literally about 10 minutes ago. Automatic Loveletter. I was checking this band out since I’ll be working their show this Saturday, & I am definitely looking forward to seeing them play. The lead vocalist is Juliet Simms. Her lyrics are real, emotional & very relatable. The way she sings, with so much passion, keeps me interested until the end of each song. She also has my support because she wears tube socks & jumps on beds, anyone who is that much fun gets kudos from me. So to sum things up; I can’t get enough. If I had her album in CD form it would most likely be my driving soundtrack for the next few weeks. Here’s the music video for “Hush” from Automatic Loveletter.

"Hush" by Automatic Loveletter

DON’T MISS THIS SHOW – This Saturday, March 29, 7PM, Solid Ground Cafe

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