Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ordained or not, i don't care...

i cannot stop listening to bishop allen. if you're a fan of loney, dear or like bright eyes but hate that feeling of impending suicide then please check out bishop allen. in all honesty, bright eyes isn't the best comparison. if you like poppy fun, but don't want to feel immature for it, click here and you can download "click, click, click, click," a song so full of charm and inventive pop that it practically begs you to put it on repeat. which is actually a problem because every song on the broken string is worth listening to over and over. the entire album plays like a backdrop to any wes anderson movie (only no french).

in 2006 they released one ep a month and you can go their website and order any of the 12 eps in addition to two full lengths (july is the most popular if you're looking to buy, followed by september).

they just released a blog post announcing that they're planning on having another full length ready for release in 2008. anyone else feel like an underachiever?

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Anonymous said...

It's funny how seeing the movie Saved! led me to Bishop Allen