Thursday, January 24, 2008

legit in 2007?

we did the math. four times. cause we stink at math (except keni).

4,758 people came out to shows at the cafe in 2007. we kept track.

are we poised to finally achieve some lasting success at the cafe in 2007? before we get too cocky, please consider the following:

  • seve vs. evan won't respond to our emails (uzi and ari do though!).
  • slowtrain and some of the graywhale's still take our posters down.

  • parents still come out and watch their kids play at the cafe.
  • our door girls still get hassled (see: underage).
  • we still bomb shows (we had one in 2007 with 6 people, one with 0 and another with 8).
  • bands still assume our sound guys don't know what they're doing.
  • we still keep an emergency stash of ear plugs because we still have bad bands open shows every once in a while.
to be honest, that's a decent list. gives us something to shoot for. on a serious note, thanks to all of you who show the cafe so much support. you're the reason we keep it open. i mean, we made $18 in 2007 so it's not the money!


Anonymous said...

I wish you guys would have been around when I was growing up. Kilby was always to far to go for shows when I'm not driving/jobless, I would have easily been able to get money for a few shows there each month.

Josh Wilsher said...

i'll support you guys til i die! solid ground is amazing! i know draper graywhale store don't take down posters, i have close contacts there haha.