Saturday, January 12, 2008

file under "work out music"

i've been actually working out lately which means that i've been listening to more hip-hop than normal. and we all know that kanye and common and lupe fiasco are amazing, but besides chicago rap, here are some worth checking out:

grieves - irreversible - ben laub (grieves) originally started in ft. collins, colorado, but he lives in seattle now and it fits better into our routing...he does all his own beats, writes all his lyrics and has been at it for five years and is only 23. go spend $.99 at itunes and buy "irreversible" and i think you'll be hooked. he plays kilby court on january 22nd.

ohmega watts - watts happening - i posted on watt's a few days ago, so i won't write anymore. i will mention that he's coming to salt lake city on february 13th (yeah, i'm pushing for press passes).

lyric's born - everywhere at once - this one doesn't come out until march 2008, but we're driving from portland to flagstaff and we need someone's couch to crash on. if you're unfamiliar with lyrics, go check out: later that day or same !@#$ different day.

choice37 - diligence - choice37 is better at producing and making beats, but he is still a viable front man. his album is out in japan, but still being held up in the us. go to his myspace and give him a listen. watch for him because i really think he'll be a well-known producer in a few years.

sole and the skyrider band - self-titled - it's hard to describe a hip hop group that has grit, but s&tsb have grit. sole has the grit of a gimmick-free, tested battle-rapper. there's also a grit in the quality of the recording: it sounds like it was recorded by sun records back in the day. they play the urban lounge on february 27th.

doomtree - false hopes - i know we went a long way from flagstaff to minneapolis so let's just say we hopped a flight. i should buy asher lunch for introducing doomtree to my ears. they spare us from the cheesy rap interludes and actually show their talent by mixing great beats into well spaced instrumentals in the vein of rj-d2. i honestly haven't heard a hip-hop group as instantly refreshing since old l.a. symphony (old, old...before you knew who they were).

so that's pretty much what keeps me entertained at the gym. comment me and let me know what you listen to while you're riding a bicycle for four minutes before stretching and going home (i'm working into it slowly).

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