Wednesday, January 23, 2008

oh! the musica

i’m sitting in my car in a parking lot typing while hoping for a wireless network to poach. all of who think we just sit around and think of things to write…let’s just say these days are busy…but our friends at the militia group sent some nice cds and we like sharing them with you.

upon first listen, chase pagan's oh, musica! is a wide-open cacophony of different musical expressions that definitely has the feel of a musical score. the intro is particularly interesting and might as well be the opening to a movie. which type of movie though is hard to peg: oh, musica is a wide-array of styles and motifs. some songs have the baroque style and scope of any muse record while other songs have the human-rhythm and quiet flair that you’d expect of andrew bird.

the album as a whole is quite likeable. i’d be curious to see what it sounds like live. we’ve tried (obviously unsuccessfully) to lobby pagan to the café, thus far he has spurned our advances. we like this cd though, or at least I do. i’ll review a few more tmg dandies later this week.

on a side note, tmg sent a copy of the new frontiers cd mending and it’s incredible. we’ve had the initial masters for a while, but to hear it completed is something just short of magic. watch the cafe's myspace because the new frontiers will be gracing our stage again soon.


Lauralee said...

Chase Pagan played at Velour on Thursday the 17th with We Shot The Moon, it was a last minute thing. Probably not the best show to be added onto either (since the music is completely different). I would have gone, but I was at Sea Wolf that night.

jimmy said...

chase is a good dude. when we got our van and trailer and all our equipment stolen in dallas, he let us bum a ride with him at five in the morning to austin, and then let us use his drums.

A+ quality guy. not a very good dancer though

Anonymous said...

hahaha glad im not the only one who looks like a creeper sitting in my car trying to steal wireless!