Thursday, January 10, 2008

oh! the rapper

other than radiohead, i try to stay away from writing posts on artists with more than 20,000 myspace friends, but ohmega watts new cd is out and he's coming to town in february so what are you going to do. milton campbell, aka, ohmega watts came to fame (albeit, underground hip-hop fame) as part of lightheaded. rumor has it he still lives in portland, home of da'rel junior (who is one of the few rappers we've been lucky enough to have out to the cafe).

ohm's watts happening came out in october to reviews that use words like: "party-heavy, progressive, next-level, seamlessly, interesting results, indie hip-hop, brand new sound, and thoughtful rhymes."

it's hard to add anything to that.

he's coming to the high and mighty depot with galactic on february 13th. there's no way i can go, tickets are $2,200 each (thanks depot for bringing awesome music to salt lake at new york prices).

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