Friday, January 11, 2008

a different sort of creature.

owls is an alternative foursome from chicago, illinois. frontman tim kinsella has a voice that seems to be borderline "inexperienced", but somehow that works. after joan of arc - an indie band of the late 90s (and incidentally kinsella's previous band) called it quits owls was formed, suprising many fans of joa. owls comes off as a more experimental band than joa and has a nice "catchy-but-not-too-catchy" sound. and with songs named "holy fucking ghost" i was interested in hearing what the deal was with them. kinsella, who changed his name to kinsellas due to feeling plural, also stirs some interest because he is...well...interesting. he has been apart of not only owls and joan of arc, but cap'n jazz as well and has also recorded solo under his plural identity. so from changing names to shaving half of his face sir tim will be there to keep us on our toes and owls making those copacetic tunes i tend to enjoy.


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Alex said...

ok hold on I thought owls was pre Joan of Arc, but maybe not but there were definetly post Owls, joan or arc records. In anycase, imho, the albini produced owls record is the best of everything kinsella but they definitely don't exist anymore now tim kinsella does Make Believe and Love of Everything which are both excellent. Just for the record some kinsella bands you missed would include freind/enemy and American Football. And Owen but thats a different kinsella, if you like owls though you will like all of it.

chad said...

i would agree. american football is still my favorite for the record.

QandnotMatt said...

Actually Chad, his brother Mike Kinsella sang in American Football, he does Owen now.

I definitely rip off Owen over and over. Haha.

Make Believe is Tim's last band. I saw them open for mewithoutYou and those dudes are insaaane.