Tuesday, January 8, 2008

good bands from london with odd names (part one in a sporatic series)

tunng (pronounced: turonga...honestly i have no idea) is super rad. so rad, you could say they were supre rad. here's how they describe it (this is the lazy way to write):

"tunng play a mesmerizing mix of folky acoustics and busy electronica, overlaying electronic crackles, gorgeous harmonies, bewitching mantras and synthetic beats that are reminiscent of early beta band, 'the wicker man' soundtrack and four tet."

sounds good to me because i don't really know how to describe them. maybe tim could. i bet he could. also, i didn't really discover them, asher did. he's sort of our silent partner on all this. maybe watching this video would help you see what they sound like. or maybe you already know and i'm the last man to find out (which is how i feel usually).

this video, coincidentally is exactly what we do at the cafe after all the bands and fans have gone home. rip off i think.

and another thing: why do i use parenthesis so much?

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Lauralee said...

yep tunng is pretty sweet. I haven't know about them long though.

in some ways I'm reminded of xoxo panda which i love a whole lot more.