Tuesday, January 8, 2008

just like in grade school

April 6th is a long ways away, I realize that. However, you're going to want to flip the pages on your calender, make a couple clicks on your icalender, or just burn the date in your memory. April 6th is the day that Dirty Projectors strolls on in to good old Salt Lake City to play at the lovely Kilby Court.

Dirty Projectors are the type of band that I love, one with a large amount of revolving members, playing all kinds of instruments, at various points of time, to ultimately create something awesome. Check out their music, it's sort of European alt-country (if that even exists), and you know how we love Europeans on this crazy boat. Since I love to make it easy for you guys, here is a video for you to check out, those girls can sing. Warning, it may make you quiet :)

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