Saturday, January 12, 2008

Indie + "Boy Band" = Young Love?

Hearing Young Love you might be a little confused. They have their songs like "Discotech" or "Find a New Way" and you would think, "Yeah this is cool, dance-y, I dig it.." but then they have their songs like "Tell Me" and you kind of have to stop and ask yourself if it's the same band. The thing about Young Love is that at times they start to sound like a "boy band". Yes, like Backstreet Boys or something of that type. Don't get me wrong because there's nothing wrong with that. I, in fact, love it but some of the readers of this blog might not take it as their cup of tea. So here is the question: Why listen to Young Love?

1: It's different, fun,
2: you know you miss all the boy bands and would secretly enjoy the whole cd.


Lauralee said...

Dan is so nice as well. I remember last year in Feb going to Kilby Court going to see Young Love it was such a fun show with 40 kids dancing and just having a blast.

I think one of my favorite songs has to be Close Your Eyes

Anonymous said...
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