Friday, November 30, 2007


As an avid weezer fan for most of my life (no joke I remember loving the blue album in the 3rd grade, not to sound pretentious or anything, but I've always had great musical taste... not true at all), I've been pretty disappointed by their last couple releases. So I refuse to let myself get excited about a new Weezer album in April of '08. However, I feel like it's at least worth mentioning that it will be happening.

Rivers is also releasing an album of "unheard" songs (can't really call them b-sides, but weezer fans circa 98-post green album will have heard almost all of them) in December called "Alone, The home recordings of Rivers Cuomo", which really isn't news, but... well, I got nothing. If anything, I would certainly recommend you purchase this cd if you're a fan of early Weez. It'll have some stuff post-blue and pre-pink. Buy it, it'll be good. It'll be much more raw and less produced than Weezer's last three albums, which is what we all love.

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