Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hey, I'm A Newbie.

due to my busy schedule or my scattered brain i have had yet to post a blog. cut me some slack if it's absolutely terrible. this could be brutal (i think i have picked up this word from chad). anyway, here i go. tonight the new frontiers played a show at el cafe. before seeing them for the
first time i was informed that they were good friends with the manchester orchestra, one of my favorite bands by far. so, i was immediately interested. generally, they have a softer sound than manchester, but definitely not weaker. tonight was my second time seeing them perform and i still wasn't disappointed. the vocals are what i can only describe as beautiful and calming. a perfect little band for our little cafe. a few of my favorite songs by the new frontiers are: "this is my home", "mirrors", and "who will give us love?". oh, and this was patrick dempsey night because the drummer of TNF and the lead singer of let's become actors both resembled him in some ways. i just wanted to throw that in there for lack of ideas on how to close this off. so, goodnight.

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