Friday, November 16, 2007

Svergie Part 2 (Still With Love...Lots Of Love)

iv. the kissaway trail - with such catchy song titles as "smother + evil = hurt" and "la la song," what's not to love? i should clarify that technically the kissaway trail are from denmark. i try to avoid lumping separate countries and peoples into the same group, but in this case, at least musically, i think we can blur the scandinavian borders just a bit.

if you love hollister and abercrombie style advertising, also check out this video from the kissaway trail.

v. juvelen - if prince and abba had kids (ew), the smart-alec, brainy kid of the family would be the guy behind juvelen. everyone refers to him as the prince of stockholm, but you get the impression he coined the term himself.

vi. asha ali - it's frustrating that in this modern age that you can still find people online criticizing her for being somali and a swede (or a somali living in sweden?), but regardless, she's real good at singin'.

again, all thanks to paul for being obsessed with music from all over the world.

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Lauralee said...

I really like Juvelen, and The Kissaway Trail.