Friday, November 23, 2007

Let's Call It Dumb Luck

so for whatever reason (let's call it dumb luck), industry types have started to send us music to review. this definitely (i use that word too much) makes us happy. i don't personally want to be a shill for the industry and just promote whatever they send (although seriously, the new thrice album is worth listening to), but when music's good, it's good.

with that in mind, please consider: kate tucker and the sons of sweden. if you're a fan of kate nash or rosie thomas you'll find kate tucker to be a nice middle ground between the two.

click here to give her a listen and i promise, we really don't mess around here at the ship.

the militia group is sending the new copeland, we'll give it a fair review as soon as we get it (or as fair as we can considering how personally let down most of us are from their last album).

and in a rare case of total agreement, tim and i are united in our love for the new iron & wine. we like it so much that we're going to buy tickets to his salt lake show. considering how broke and cheap we are, this is really something.

happy late thanksgiving from the ship; thanks for reading.

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