Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Regina Spektor From A Rookie

So after much anticipation (can i even say that?), I've decided to give in and write this blog. Last Friday I attended the sold out Regina Spektor show at In The Venue and it was worth begging my dad to use his credit card and the three months of periodically looking at the ticket in my drawer. Little Regina had everything set up just right, Christmas lights on the stage, huge light bulbs hanging down from the celling, a chair to bang on for a few songs, and a rather large man standing in front of me preventing me from seeing her at all. The major downfall, was the fact that the bar would not shut up. Apparently drunk people don't respect Regina but she did a great job of quieting them down by dropping the F bomb repeatedly, catching most of us off guard. Only Son opened the show; he was this little skinny guy with the facial features of Adam Sandler and the voice and style of Ben Gibbard (The Postal Service vocals more so than Death Cab). OS played solo; however his Ipod doubled as his "band" and personality of his performance. Over all the show went smoothly and surprisingly, the typical In The Venue wait was actually tolerable.

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Lauralee said...

I wish I would have attended this show. Although it wouldn't of been possible to do so because of work, but my friend from work went and has been talking about it non-stop