Friday, November 9, 2007

The New Frontiers, Con't

kendal wrote a good review of the show, and by no means do i want you to get the impression that i'm trying to compensate...

that said, i'm sitting here in my living room with the new frontiers guys and want to take this seriously since it seems like our lil blog is taking off.

so first, here are some of their answers. feel free to fill in the blanks and ask your own questions.

"and that's when we filmed the movie on mars."
"camel lights."
"seriously, anytime we see bouncy balls we buy them."
"we camp in our time off."
"in the van, we all revert back to junior high."
"most of stuff we say makes no sense to everyone else."
"we'd chuck our van tv if it meant we could put in a mini-fridge and microwave."

on a serious note, tnf pulled out of dallas with their trailer open and lost a guitar and all of nathan's clothes. so feel free to donate some blue jeans, size 29x32 (think stylish though, these boys are on the up and up). and by up and up i mean, they might actually save the militia group from their current quagmire (chad pearson, we need you).

below are photos from tonight's show at the cafe (photo credits to kendal).

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Lauralee said...

I was so planning on going to this show, than a stupid idiotic kid at work hurt his hand the other day so he couldn't work for 4 days. Everyone took extra hours (I was suppose to have yesterday off entirely). Today was suppose to be the kids first day back he didn't show up at all. Everyone's pissed, and I'm pissed at him for making me miss a good show. I hope you bring back The New Frontiers again.