Friday, November 9, 2007

can I tell you sub-pop that I lub you?

Let me just first say that this November is one of the busiest months in my life, so the hours that I can normally spend on the internet searching for music that has yet to make its way to my ears is currently being spent on reading books on the middle east, teaching history, ancient christianity, the civil war, and early 20th century america... Plus I've got to write papers on all them. ugh.

The point to my random complaints of the joys of attending school at a university is that I realize my posts are lacking adequate flavor, and that's the reason why. However, I think I've got two bands you will really enjoy for today. They're both off Sub-Pop records, and they're both giving me happy little music bumps (don't ask what those are).

The First: Tiny Vipers. The name says it all, they are actually four miniature vipers that play mandolins and create beautiful old-timey folk music... Really though, Tiny Vipers is Jesy Fortino, and she really is small. Despite her size (cause that really matters), I think her music is very good. She sort of has a touch of Joanna Newsome or Jolie Holland in her voice, but maybe a little more ear friendly for those that are less adventurous. Her music is soft and calming, which you know I love, and I could pick her up with my pinky, which is also nice. Her full length album, Hands Across The Void just came out in July, check it out.

Second: If you really want to be ahead of the crowd and say 6 months to a year from now, when everyone is going bonkers over them, "oh, I've been listening to them forever", then check out Grand Archives. No joke, these guys are going to be huge. OK, when I say huge, I mean like Band of Horses big. Currently you can only buy CDR's from Sub-Pop's website to get their music, but no doubt soon enough they'll release a full length and everyone will go nuts over it. They're from the Northwest, like most Sup-Pop bands, and they are definitely going after that reverb + clean guitar + awesome when they play a dirty guitar + great harmonies + musical creativity sound that they do so well up there. I'm telling you, if there is one band that you want to be ahead of the curve on, check them out. It's just good music.

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