Saturday, November 10, 2007

From Svergie With Love...Part 1

for some time now, sweden has been quietly creating seriously good indie rock. sure, the hives and the sounds are great and i know everyone can whistle along to peter, bjorn and john but just beyond that you'll find a veritable treasure chest of indie waiting to be listened to (did i really just write "veritable treasure chest?).

and to be fair, paul (cafe sound man currently living in vanuatu-new zealand-australia-japan-china) is the one who really brought my attention to it.

so here's a quick rundown and a few hyper links from now, you'll be as caught up as i am (and there's definitely more to uncover, these are just the bread crumbs at the start of the trail; have fun gretel).

i. loney, dear -emil svanängen is bonafide. he just finished touring with athlete and also with andrew bird. that says enough. his new album "sologne" is out now and available at graywhale (go to the nice one, not the jerk ones) or on itunes.

ii. i'm from barcelona - the upside: tons of friends singing along together. downside: had a song featured this season on grey's anatomy.

iii. the shout out louds - those of you with more money than me probably caught the shout out louds as main support on the interpol show that played in the venue a few weeks ago. for the rest of us though, you'll have to settle for just buying their cd or juicing from your friends' itunes. anyway you get it though, it's good stuff. to be fair, about half is amazing and the other half is just good.

look for part two soon...part two will feature glen hansard & marketa irglova, juvelen, asha ali, and the kissaway trail.

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keni p. said...

yay. more music i shall be snatching from you on thursday:]
they're all so good.