Thursday, April 17, 2008

you really got a hold of me

i'm not sure what indie-country-pop is, but i'm betting we'll see more of it coming out of the ultra chic, nighttime scene of la in the coming months. i can't say whether it will catch on nationwide, but anytime a hollywood type starts a band and puts out an album it will get noticed (see jason schwatrzman's coconut records).

she & him is the latest project from indie ingenue zooey deschanel and the enigmatic m. ward. already the star of indie films like all the real girls, the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford and others (or elf and bridge to terebithia if you don't watch indie flicks), deschanel has made the leap to music. it's not a huge stretch because she's always kind of had that june carter cash thing going for her. and she & him is definitely country music. but it's more fun than that really. it has a throwback feel to it where if you heard it on an old truckers am radio, you would assume it was from 30 years ago (back when country music was actually good). each song features simple melodies and uncluttered arrangements which is what gives it that older sound. and it compliments her style well because the songwriting is solid enough that it doesn't need excessive production to prop it up. you could very easily picture her touring just by herself with a guitar, telling stories between songs (i'd buy that ticket). so far though, she's just done south by and sold out shows in new york and la.

zooey deschanel's debut cd is called volume one and as always, i recommend buying it at slowtrain on broadway.