Tuesday, April 1, 2008

we're so funny.

the 2008 ap tour stopped by in salt lake last night at the avalon and brought a diverse show with it. starting off the show was forever the sickest kids but, we were less than impressed. they were nothing we haven't heard before. the whole performance looked so planned and came off as a band that is trying too hard: frontman jonathan cook swinging his mic (as if we haven't seen this before) and keyboardist kent garrison doing some half handstands on his keyboard followed by sexual stares into the crowd (not so sexy). we were happy when they finished. up next was former from first to last frontman sonny - say that ten times fast. there's definitely no denying he's talented and can a hold a note. we feel that he was better in fftl but, we applaud the chance sonny has taken with this solo project. we also decided that everyone playing on that stage with sonny was very talented but, when it was all put together something was off. despite that they all had very good stage presence and sonny, especially, looked like he was having a lot of fun - which we like. also, sonny is a wizard and can get from the stage to the middle of the crowd in about .2 seconds...without anybody seeing, or at least me and keni. third up was our first big excitment for the night.....the matches. to put it simply they kicked ass and the only problem we had during their set was the kids next to us. they walked on stage stylish and ready to rock. they were full of energy and sounded as fantastic as ever. to have a voice like frontman shawn harris' and sound as pulled together as they did is a really big deal. their music is a mixture of dance and punk beats and "they brought it. the end. kiss my biast ass. love sam. just kidding. but seriously," sam verbalizes. "so moving on," utters keni. all time low took the stage next and they began with a humorous PSA about the vulgarity of the language that might be included in their set. this proved to be somewhat true but their dirty mouths also produced some good songs such as "coffee shop soundtrack" and "six feet under the stars". all in all they know how to entertain ;). finally, after 5,000 hours, the rocket summer was up. bryce avary came out with much vivacity and a smile already on that seemed to set the upbeat mood of the rest of the night. starting off with "break it out" and ending with "colors" there was no room for disappointment.

sami and keni.

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