Wednesday, April 23, 2008

clever title (minus the bear)

lawrence and i have been to quite a few shows since he moved out to our great city. tonight's minus the bear show sets the record for the number of times we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, grinned like middle schoolers and said "wtf" to ourselves (31 if you're curious). to be fair, i know nothing of pedals, buttons, loops and the like, but lawrence really does and he still couldn't figure out all that was going on.

a few highlights:

seeing a lot of friends including matt nanes from swans of never and his quote (in reference to portugal the man's set): "i've never smoked marijuana, but if i did, i would smoke it to that!"

seeing that minus the bear still takes their job very seriously and despite strained vocals, completely delivering an hour long set worthy of their pedigree.

the lights. i'm old enough that i usually don't care anymore, but they had green lasers. put green lasers on your list if you want to make a show really pop.

their guitarist. i'm not sure what he was doing, but at one point he was making those patented, syncopated minus the bear sounds (you know the ones) using only his pedals.

a few lowlights:

skibums dancing like hippies.

seeing the over-zealous bouncers throw a kid out on his head (quite literally).

the guy who used my mouth as his ash tray for the better part of two hours.


stephen said...

oh man... I really wished I was there.
This summer I'm gonna try and catch all the epic shows.
I'm glad you guys had a rad time. Minus the bear is one of those bands that have that definite talent.

ryan said...

That show was epic.

I like them because every time I've ever seen them, they look like their out there working for it. Not that they're just showing up to make the money.

It was good to see matt there, I haven't seen him in a minute.

good to see you too, chad!

Ryan said...

I love those guys.