Saturday, April 5, 2008

the future of rock???

so first off, i like the maine's music. it's undeniably catchy and almost too good at it. they even played the cafe last fall.

but: how are they blowing up SO fast? are they that much better than bands that are at their same level? as i'm writing this, it's 10:30 in the morning and they already have 3,387 plays today on their myspace (true, 15 of them are me...TOO catchy!). will their rise continue or will they fade out by the end of warped tour? are they 2008's version of cute is what we aim for?

leave some comments and you tell me. honestly this one's a mystery to me.

(insert clever comment here about how young and silly this photo is).


lauralee said...

It's crazy how fast some bands blow up. Like Vampire Weekend they are really good and amazing live but their show they played last year at Kilby was empty. Now it could have also been a factor of the snow storm, or the fact that Iron and Wine was the same night, but they truly seem kind of sad with how quick they actually have blown up. I mean I guess they like to be known but they wanted to play the small venues.

Anonymous said...

i really like the maine but i would definately have to say they are on the same boat as CIWWAF. although i do wish them more, i think these bands just dont have longevity.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Taggart. First of all, I kind of think it's sad about rock being taken over by kids, I'm 14 and I'm in a band, but we try to stay away from the Cliche "Cute" style. I think that people are too easily impresssed by great stage personality (not that it isn't important). When you really get down to it, bands like those lack a depth or substance that I think is very important. Plenty of bands can put on a great live show without surrendering their dignity. Just a thought.

p.s. I don't know if you've listened to them, but I think you should check out Destroyer. They're coming to The Urban Lounge in may.